John Gilstrap



Seven or eight years ago, Pat Barney of 4 More Travel, a longtime member of the Business Leasing Associates family, introduced Charlie to a most interesting man. A fellow College of William and Mary alumnus, John Gilstrap was also a fireman, an explosives safety expert, and a writer.

John and his wife Joy later joined BLA, and they are currently helping over 75 business owners to grow, improve, or expand their businesses. 

During his time as part of our family, John has annually published a new entry in his Jonathan Grave Thriller series, and 2016 will not disappoint. Friendly Fire is available July 1st. It's the ninth novel in the series and promises action, adventure, and our favorite freelance hostage rescuer. Have a beach trip this summer? Relax and read some of the others!

If you're caught up on the Jonathan Graves series and don't want to wait till July to get your Gilstrap fix, check out Nick of Time, a five-part serial eBook. With a new part released every two weeks, you'll soon find yourself a little closer to July 1st.

Learn more about John Gilstrap, the books we've mentioned here, and the rest of his works at the official John Gilstrap website. Thank you, John, for keeping us entertained over the years!