Joy Gilstrap, Professional Daily Money Manager

Joy Gilstrap knows a little something about helping people. Well, she knows more than a little something! Through her business, Personal Business Matters, LLC, Joy helps ensure her customers' home finances and other parts of their lives are in order. 

When Charlie met Joy and her husband John about 11 years ago, he told them about Business Leasing Associates' purpose. In 2006, they became members of the BLA Family. Since that time, they have worked with many business owners in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia areas. They are currently helping more than 75 of those business owners to improve and expand their businesses.

As the owner of a unique business with individualized services, Joy travels to the homes of seniors, widowed spouses, busy professionals, and others who need help managing their daily lives. Her services range from bill paying to coordinating moves and helping with taxes. By having a single source to help, whether the need is unexpected or planned, Joy brings peace of mind when people need it most.

At BLA, we pride ourselves on working with and surrounding ourselves with good people. We are honored to know someone who works so hard to help others, especially our seniors. To learn more about Joy, who is both a Certified Senior Advisor® and Certified Professional Daily Money Manager (PDMM), visit the Personal Business Matters website.