Charlie White

Charlie White and his partners formed Business Leasing Associates, Inc., in 1984. Charlie is the Vice President overseeing Administration.

After time as an attorney and 20 years in the military, Charlie focused on the next phase of his life. Visiting a friend in Florida, the two sketched out the plan of what would eventually become Business Leasing Associates, Inc. (or BLA).

The bottom line? Help small business owners while making enough to pay private lenders who put up the funds...and hopefully enough to pay the staff!

There were wins and losses in those first few years, but the business made it through by consolidating and putting in place a system that works. After 20 successful years, Charlie contemplated transitioning BLA to another finance company, but his interactions with long-time clients, vendors, and lenders kept him from leaving completely. When two partners retired and the transition deal fell through, Charlie kept BLA moving forward by hiring new partners and sticking with what works.

When Charlie isn't helping others through BLA, he's helping them through another endeavor, ACN. With ACN, Charlie helps small business owners get discounts on services they already use, such as credit-card processing, electricity, gas, security, and phone. ACN also has a charity that buys a meal for hungry children in the United States when services are purchased and each month when bills are paid. Charlie is always happy to share more about ACN to those interested!

Finally, Charlie has a few hobbies that keep him busy in his "free time." Charlie makes it a priority to balance his busy work life with an even more important home life. You can often find him sailing the Chesapeake Bay, touring gardens and historic sites with his wife Tricia, and vacationing around the world with family and friends. His family, including his children and grandchildren, keep him busy, with graduations, weddings, and many visits.

Life is good for Charlie White, and he makes sure to enjoy it. Whether in the office or out of it, you can hear Charlie's boisterous laugh and know that whatever he's doing, you want to be a part of it!